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More crazy things to do with your spouse

There are few things that can make you forget about your stress like quality time with your spouse. Heaps of fun are found in simple activities and places. Sometimes one just has to go look for the child buried deep inside you. Go give your wife’s hair a (light) tug right now.

1. Play house-house
Build tents in your sitting room. Stretch blankets across your chairs and make a cosy nest for yourself where you can lie down and enjoy popcorn, drink milkshakes and just talk. You can also set up the tent you made in the back yard. Be sure you leave an opening to look at the stars. Braai a couple of marshmallows at candle light.

2. Feel ten years old again
Order a clown ice cream from the kiddies menu (in this case they can keep the pencils and page to colour in). It might take a bit of convincing for the waiter, but will definitely be worth it.

3. Coloured foam and crayons
Take a bath with kids bath items like coloured foam, shiny body soap and bath crayons. Write cute messages for each other on the bathroom wall. Let your wife guess what you are writing on her back.

4. Take a ride in bumper cars or go-carts
You will probably enjoy this outing more than the wife will. But if she is game she will challenge you to a race. And you can, just maybe, ensure that the wife also wins one race.

5. Let the wheels sing
You don’t have to be professional cyclists for this game. Go to a park with your bikes where you can play hide-and-seek with your spouse. Even if you aren’t fit it can be loads of fun. One experiences so much more of you environment on the saddle of a bike.

Article by Lize Groenewald