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4 Tips to show her that you’re a metro-man

If you have to name two female body parts that start with the letter “b” the brain probably isn’t going to be one of them. As a man you are visually inclined so it’s a bit more difficult to admire your wife’s brain. Here are a couple of hints you can use to show her that she is more to you than just a pretty face and body . . .

1. Be interested in her hobbies
In the same way she does not necessarily like it to go fly fishing or go-cart driving, you don’t necessarily like hearing about everything that happened at a pamper party or how to make candles. Put in some effort into being interested in her hobbies. Ask her, for example, to show you how she makes jewellery.

2. Food and company
When you come home exhausted in the evenings the last thing you want to do is have a conversation. Even if you have the desire to just unwind and to rather forget about your day, it is worth it to take the time and keep your wife company while she prepares the food. Pour a glass of wine and chat something that happened in the news today.

3. Compliment her abilities
Your wife’s appearance will change over time but her abilities will remain. Compliment her on her unique skills. Maybe she is an excellent organizer or she is very good with interior decorating. Don’t think that just always complimenting her on her appearance is enough. Show her that you always see what she does and is capable of in and around the house.

4. Your own book or movie club
Choose a book you will both like. Or if you don’t read, you can enjoy a movie together. But here you won’t get a away with the run of the mill action movie or romantic comedy. Choose a movie that is intellectually stimulating and challenging. You don’t necessarily have to understand everything that happens in the movie. Discuss it afterward over a nice meal.

Article by Annelize Steyn