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A woman wants to hear this!

There are a number of things that warms a woman’s heart (and of course this is beneficial for you as well . . .). “Something is burning,” is not one of them. Neither is “How much longer are you going to be?” – don’t ever say this in the kitchen, a dressing room or the bedroom.

A woman is delicate, you know this. And sometimes it feels as if you are constantly in the dog box. You no longer know what she considers to be a taboo subject or what she wants to hear. You try your best to say the right thing and so you say: “I can’t remember the last time you looked this beautiful.” She answers: “Do you mean to tell me you didn’t even see it when I made myself pretty for you last week Tuesday?” You ask if she doesn’t want to eat some steak or fish and she answers: “And who said I’m not the mood for pasta? Doesn’t my opinion matter anymore?” What a woman wants to hear seems a difficult thing. We have tried to make it a bit easier for you.

1. “You look beautiful”
Compliment her clothing, makeup, perfume, hair, figure . . . everything you can see. Yes, it is superficial, but a woman wants to hear it! Compliments boost her self-image and can help her get rid of her inhibitions says Sushma Dayal, a clinical psychologist. Yes, your compliment can make her more daring in the bedroom – who can resist that?
2. “You are a good mother”
This is a bigger compliment than you think. Believe us when we say that most women harbour some feelings of guilt when it comes to their ability as a mother. It is important to her that you think she is doing a good job of raising your children. Thus if you compliment her motherhood you also help her to believe in herself.
3. “What do you think about this?”
Ask her opinion about your job, something you want to buy or an issue you are struggling with. By considering her opinion it shows her that you think it is important and that you respect her perspective.
4. “You are my best friend”
She is, isn’t she? For a woman the words “best friend” mean a lot because it shows her that you will call on her if you have a problem or if you need advice. And also that you will support her through thick and thin and that you know that she will do the same for you.
5. “You are good in bed”
Did you think only a man wants to hear this? No, your wife also wants to feel like a sex goddess and if you want to remove the last bit of her inhibition you will compliment her ability in bed. The more you exalt her sexuality, the more she will want to trump your wildest expectations.
Here are a couple more hits!

• “You cook better than my mother.”
• “I never want to play video games when you’re around.”
• “Your breasts look phenomenal.”
• “To marry you was my best idea ever.”
• “You look your best without makeup.”

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