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Ten movies that will guarantee a romantic evening . . .

Ending-up under the sheets after a successful date night is most definitely the cherry on top. By all means, watch some of these movies with your wife and rest assured, the chances of you going to bed without any action under the sheets is minimal.

Mr & Mrs Smith
Even though there isn’t a blatantly obvious sex scene in this movie, the sexual tension and wild action between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will still cause the blood to start pumping at a rapid rate in both of your veins. It is beyond sexy!

Men with phenomenal abs that are breathtaking, and an extremely hot love scene between King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his queen (Lena Headey). Your wife will squirm and will most definitely need you to place your arm around her body to prevent her from falling over and keep her sitting upright.

This movie may be old, but still makes people believe in the power of true love. And it may possibly inspire your partner to suggest other sexy activities to do together besides just getting your hands dirty with pottery-classes.

Dirty Dancing
Take her back to a time when dancing was still sexy and being a rebel had nothing to do with having nose rings. This movie is timeless, romantic and a recipe for a successful date night.

This is a naughty yet humorous movie about an attorney (James Spader) who gives his secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal) hidings at work. You may be inspired to come-up with a few kinky ideas yourselves.

9½ Weeks
If you would like to see how one actually incorporates food during sex, let Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke show you in this classic favourite.

The Notebook
You may be wondering how a sad story such as this one can be used to your advantage. Well, sometimes another person’s less successful and unhappy relationship makes you appreciate your own that much more. Just remember to be sympathetic and to console her, otherwise it will backfire!

Blue Valentine
A dramatic recount on a few couple’s rollercoaster marriages. It gives the viewer a lot of invaluable thoughts and scenarios to ponder about, and there is a lot of steaming love scenes that will certainly let you and your husband sit-up straight.

Basic Instinct
Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas will take you on a smouldering adventure. There are a lot of sexy scenes in this movie and the elements of danger and passion also infiltrates the storyline of this enthralling classic.

Love Actually
You may even enjoy the romantic storyline. It will make your wife sigh from pleasure and make her think that you are extremely cute for watching it with her!

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