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Are you man enough? Or are you in the dark about what it means to be manly? Don’t be concerned – you’re definitely not alone. Here’s a simple list to help you determine if you’re a real man!

It’s not manly:

  • To run around your house once a month and then to collapse on the couch with a beer and packet of chips (after you have tried to disguise your sweaty smell with deodorant).
  • To belittle the kids and shout at your wife because the house looks like a pig sty again.
  • To kick the cat out of the way because you are frustrated (animal cruelty is anything but macho).
  • To arrive at a function with a strange woman that worships the ground you walk on (even if that ground is not worth worshiping).
  • To have you son sitting next to you while you show him how your car makes “doughnuts”.
  • To make everyone feel ill by parading around in your red speedo around the swimming pool (a la Hasselhoff).
  • To tell jokes that make blonds, people from other races and people with disabilities feel uncomfortable.
  • To believe that your wife’s wasting her time in her apron in front of the stove, because all you guys need is a steak and a beer.
  • To stand out in company – even if you have had a few drinks.
  • To go with the guys to a strip club.
  • When your friend tells you about the lady with whom he’s having an affair, to then ask if she has a friend.
  • To be overly covered in muscles (what’s some steroids between friends?).

It’s manly:

  • You after a round of squash and shower, with only a towel around your waist and the smell of soap... hmmm.
  • To allow your 3 year old daughter to make you her version of a princess – crayons, glitter and the lot! (Believe it – we go weak at the knees!)
  • To kick a ball around with your son and his friends outside and to downplay your game so he looks like a hero.
  • To arrive at a function with your wife at your side, who can think for herself and can challenge you in every area.
  • To make sure your children are strapped securely in the car because you’re intelligent and can think for yourself.
  • To make everyone laugh around the pool at your political figure impersonations.
  • To tell intelligent jokes that take more than just a few brain cells to grasp and to laugh at yourself.
  • To know who Jamie Oliver is and to excel behind the braai as well as the wok.
  • To stand up in a conversation if you feel one of your friends is treating his wife badly.
  • To go on a men’s weekend with the guys.
  • When your friend tells you about his affair, to remind him that his wife is raising their 3 children – and to stand by him.
  • To keep your cholesterol under control and to ensure that your fitness level is such that your wife doesn’t exhaust you in the bedroom.