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How to say sorry

You have in one week out of frustration bumped your wife’s car, forgot your wedding anniversary and have invited your parents over for dinner without discussing it with her first. To say you are in trouble is an understatement!

If your wife thinks you are only saying sorry because you want to benefit from the “make-up” sex, then the hot water you find yourself in is going to start boiling! So remember to be honest and to really make an effort not to make the same mistake again. If you time and time again do the same thing and have to make excuses, it shows that you are not really sorry, but also that you don’t really care what upsets her. If you know why she is angry, apologise for that directly, not just in general. If you really don’t know why she is angry, find out! Here are a few more tips: 

Don’t ever apologise over the phone, also not in a message or in an e-mail. That’s cheating. 

  • Don’t allow your excuse to become an angry outburst. The issue is not her part of the fight, but your apology. If you have a cute wife, she will also apologise – if you are honest.
  • Don’t allow too much time to pass before you apologise. If you wait too long, she will think you are only apologising to get out of trouble and into her good books. Don’t apologise in the heat of the argument. (The chances are good that you are anyway not going to hear yourself talk!)
  • Buy her a pretty pair of shoes (keep the slip). Wrap it in gift paper (not the ones who have balloons, babies, wedding rings or happy birthday on it). Write a note that says: “I tried to stand in your shoes for a few minutes, but I now see that I was wrong. Sorry I hurt you and I didn’t see the situation from your perspective. Will you forgive me?”
  • Be very specific. If you can describe in concrete terms what you did wrong, then your wife will know that you understand what you did wrong.
  • Be humble and show that you can be the least. If you can show this to your friends and children, it will take you far. A strong man will know when to say sorry.
  • Jump in first. If you both can be blamed for the problem, ensure that you’re the first one to apologise. You’re the head of the house. If your wife also owes you an apology, it will follow.
  • If she doesn’t accept your apology, don’t get upset and then get angry all over again. Try again later. It shows your wife that you are really sorry and that it’s important to you that she knows it.