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10 Ways To Pray For Your Husband

There’s something intimate and bonding about praying for your husband because only you know some of the battles that he’s facing personally; maybe at work, or in a family relationship.
Prayer is beautiful, wonderful, sacrificial; a privilege and a blessing.

Prayer is powerful on so many levels and I’ve found that as I get older, I really want the words that I speak to glorify God and edify my husband.

It’s easy to complain and make excuses for not praying, but ladies – wives, let’s fiercely fight for our marriages with prayer for our husbands.

If you’re having trouble getting started, here’s something I found online that is helpful in getting the conversation. Another option might be to write this down where you see it daily and it can remind you to pray for your husband. One more idea on how to pray, maybe spend time praying about one of these for the next 10 days and expand on the one each day.

There are no set rules, just be honest. Remember, God knows your needs, even before you ask them. (Matthew 6:5-14)

10 Ways To Pray For Your Hubby:

(PS-sometimes say your husband’s name instead of “my husband”)

1. I pray for my husband’s relationship with God.

2. I pray that God would bless my husband.

3. I pray for my husband to be a spiritual leader for our family.

4. I pray for my husband to have a heart for his children.

5. I pray for my husband to make wise choices.

6. I pray for my husband’s emotional, mental and physical health.

7. I pray for my husband to prosper at work.

8. I pray for my husband’s power to resist sexual temptation.

9. I pray that I will show my husband respect, grace and kindness.

Remember fierce wives, prayer is powerful! We are talking to the Creator of marriage – the one who is fighting for us and with us so that we might continually show His love, through our marriage, to the world around us.

Pray for your spouse daily.

By Selena Frederick