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Date night idea 2 for SA Marriage Week

The game you want to play again and again

 What do you need:

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Stopwatch (the one on your cell phone will work)
  • 40 Pleasure cards with various instructions
  • 5 Time cards

Tonight is your time to relax – with a hint of sexy. There is something exciting about the idea of surprises. The expectation increases you blood pressure and the unexpected knocks you off your feet.

The game works like this: Write each of the instructions below on a card. These will be your pleasure cards. Place all the cards face-down on the bed (so the instructions are face-down). Also place the time cards face-down. You create these by writing the time intervals below on five cards.

Each of you will get a turn to pick one time card and five pleasure cards. Keep them to yourself (and of you know your spouse is the type to take a peek – hide them). You have to complete the five instructions in the time indicated – but first you have to blindfold your spouse! When he/she is blindfolded you can get going. Take turns until all the cards have been played. Enjoy every moment.

Five time cards:

                20 Seconds

                40 Seconds

                1 Minute

                2 Minutes

                5 Minutes

Pleasure cards:

  1. 1.Just a peck
  2. 2.Off with the underwear (both of you)
  3. 3.A kiss anywhere you choose
  4. 4.A luxurious French kiss
  5. 5.Give your spouse a hickey . . .
  6. 6.Tickle you spouse
  7. 7.Butterfly kisses . . .
  8. 8.Nibble your spouse’s ear
  9. 9.Kiss his/her navel
  10. 10.Position number 69!
  11. 11.Get touchy where ever you choose
  12. 12.Kiss your spouse’s spine
  13. 13.Take your clothes off sensually
  14. 14.Give you spouse a neck and shoulder massage
  15. 15.Stroke you spouse on his/her arm – Dirt Dancing style!
  16. 16.Massage his/her feet
  17. 17.Lightly spank your spouse with a hairbrush
  18. 18.Take off one piece of clothing of your spouse’s choosing
  19. 19.Move over his/her body with your tongue for 30 seconds
  20. 20.Whisper something naughty in your spouse’s ear
  21. 21.Give your spouse a Pluto (tongue in the ear)
  22. 22.How close can you hold your lips to your spouse’s (without touching)
  23. 23.Remove one of your spouse’s clothing pieces with your teeth
  24. 24.Share your deepest
  25. 25.Tell your spouse what his/her most sexy attribute is
  26. 26.Write a naughty WhatsApp message
  27. 27.Determine how many days you have known each other
  28. 28.Share your most precious moment of your marriage
  29. 29.Quicky. In 30 seconds.
  30. 30.Push your hands into your spouse’s underwear
  31. 31.Share a childhood memory with your spouse
  32. 32.Tango in your room
  33. 33.Write a message on the mirror for your spouse
  34. 34.Share a dream you have for your marriage
  35. 35.Tell your spouse what celeb he/she reminds you of
  36. 36.Design a new position for the bedroom with your spouse
  37. 37.Brush your teeth and give him/her a peppermint kiss
  38. 38.Share the highlight of your wedding day
  39. 39.Tell your spouse about the moment you lost your heart
  40. 40.Sing a love song for your