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3 Days to the perfect anniversary - Day 2!

So what do you do when your anniversary is in 72 hours?

DAY 2: Do the footwork.
On this morning you need to make the invitation. Get what you need. You can decide how intricately, simple and with how much detail you want to make it (your personality will help you determine this). Use your wedding invitation as inspiration. Use the same colours and maybe your maiden name with an (oops!) behind it. Have it delivered at his work.

Now you need to go to the shops. Get the décor items you need. If it is your responsibility, get the ingredients the chef needs for you dinner. Go get the outfit you want to wear and hire the DVD. Get everything you need to make the evening as special as possible.

Think of the flowers you had at your wedding. Maybe he loves pomegranates – use it in the centre piece. Maybe you received crystal glasses as a wedding gift. If he loves Chuckles ask the chef to work it into the desert. It’s all about the personal touches!