Life lessons from couples in the Bible (Part 1: ADAM AND EVE)

Do you think that the Bible does not have romantic stories? I assure you, touching stories about love challenges, passion, and conflict in marriage is prevalent! I trust that you will identify with these characters and that you will be able to take their life lessons with you.

Have you ever been at a place where you think things really cannot get any better? The love of your life is safely snuggled next to you and the passion between you is at an all-time high without any worries about finances or everyday challenges.

At some stage in our lives, as a child or an adult, every person has experiences of a moment in time that we don’t want to stop. Then, all of a sudden and without warning, the magic crumbles within a second and the picture changes.

Stay strong and think of Adam and Eve. The one moment everything is in order. There are no problems and they have everything their hearts could desire, love is running high and all their needs are met – and then all of a sudden, because of a wrong decision, everything goes wrong for these two. Every privilege they enjoyed as a couple in paradise suddenly comes to an end. Just imagine – all their benefits and luxuries come to an end in an instance because of a wrong choice.

Yes, from our perspectives they definitely had the perfect environment, and yet, if you apply the story to a more realistic world where we find ourselves, we find that the story repeats itself quite often! When you look at another person, things always look better, prettier and definitely more idealistic than your own life. Stop right here. Recognize what you have, appreciate your own things and appreciate your spouse, because if you don’t take care of each other you too can lose everything in a moment.

These two did, however, cross a couple of bridges. We would encourage you to learn from their mistakes and not fall into the same traps. Free yourself from it and correct it and strive for a future of hope. Here are a number of life lessons that Adam and Eve had to deal with, especially after things went wrong. You can take life lessons from their shortcomings and learn from them. To lead a life of victory requires of us to sometimes learn from other’s mistakes:

1. Adam hid his weakness. If you get yourself into trouble – say so. Reveal your inability. Make yourself a cup of coffee, take a deep breath and talk to the women that always supports you. I assure you, in your weakness the Lord’s strength is fulfilled.
2. Adam did not show his hand. A well-known idiom says: “Silent waters run deep” meaning people might have a concealed nature. Deal with that dark past today. Talk about your experiences, the truth will truly set you free. Hiding your background does not make you optimally sharp and ready for action. On the contrary, it greatly influences your health.
3. Adam was afraid to confront. Tension is a passion killer and therefore you have to orientate yourself to directly confront your fears. Stand your ground and know that victory is yours. Talk to a spiritual counsellor and master the thoughts of fear that you have suppressed for years. The moment you do, you will be thankful. Do it today.
4. Adam did not stand his ground. Edmund Burke said: “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” Men, stand your ground, provide structure to your family. Provide stability and everything you do will cause long term success stories.
5. Adam should have known every action had a consequence. I can assure you, nothing comes without definite effort planned ahead of time. Put action into your decisions and allow the Lord to enable you and your loved ones to reach new heights in Him.

Adam’s mistakes were costly. His perfect circumstances took a turn for the worse. Learn from his mistakes and make the right decisions . . .the Lord’s grace is enough!

Article by Stephen Claassens