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The ultimate couples bucket list

Why create a bucket list?
Before exploring everything there is to know about bucket lists, perhaps it is worth noting what a bucket list is not: it is not a race against time. A bucket list aims to encourage you to optimally embrace every single minute here on earth.

So instead of spending all your energy just floating through life rather invest it on what truly matters. When you and hubby compile a bucket list, the chances are good that it will grow bigger and bigger. And that it will inject new life and enthusiasm into your relationship, according to those in the know. What does it entail? That you and hubby put one night aside, open a bottle of wine, and get comfortable with pen and paper in-hand. These few minutes that you put aside could very well change your life. Remember the word “together”.

Answer the following questions with the very first thought that comes to mind:

1. What if you die tomorrow? What would you as a couple wish you had done before your demise?
2. What have you always wanted to do but never got around to?
3. If you had all the time, money and resources, what would you do?
4. Which countries, places or destinations would you like to explore as a couple?
5. What are your greatest goals and dreams?
6. What would you like to see or witness first-hand, face to face?
7. What do you still hope to achieve?
8. What experiences are you still desperately hoping to fulfil?
9. Any skills that you would like to acquire?
10. As a couple, what are the most important things that you could ever do?
11. What would you like to tell your family, loved ones or friends?
12. What would you like to do with other people such as your family, friends or loved ones?
13. Are there any people in specific you would like to meet?
14. How can you ensure that you life a life of meaning?
15. What would you like to achieve in all spheres of your life with regards to love, family, career, finances, health, spiritually or socially?

Try and write down as many answers to the above as possible (obviously these should be things that you are yet to do or achieve).

Here are a few examples of things that you can add to your bucket list:

1. Learn to speak a new language.
2. Serve as someone’s marital mentors.
3. Learn to play a strategic game.
4. Climb a mountain with your spouse.
5. Fly in a hot air balloon.
6. Offer your services to a charity.
7. Plant your own tree and watch it grow.
8. Learn to play a new instrument with your spouse.
9. Learn how to dance, be it salsa, tango or ballroom dancing.
10. Fly in a helicopter.

And for some spice!

1. Telephone sex . . . minimising physical distance (even though you can’t contain your laughter).
2. Vibrator-games. It can be a lot of fun – but only if you use the vibrator together.
3. Sex in a public place. The thrill of being caught . . . aha!
4. Sex in a car. If you missed the opportunity to test this one when you were younger, then it’s time to play catch-up!
5. Join the mile high club.
6. Sex on a boat. They say the rocking sensation is something not to be missed . . .
7. Sex in the shower or any other place while standing upright.
8. Sex in a tent or the wilderness – this is one to try while working through your bucket list.
9. A quickie – you in your mini skirt and him with his trousers on the floor!
10. Sex in the rain!

Don’t just pen these items - make them a reality!
It doesn’t help anybody if you set the time aside to make a list and then just leave it lying around the house. Once you have compiled a bucket list, implement your plans! Place your list somewhere where you can see it every day, all day. In this manner each of you can each be held accountable for his/her own list. Don’t place limitations or restrictions on your bucket list. Sometimes a new opportunity comes to the fore in a different guise. Keep your eyes open. Review and revise your list continuously. And once you have successfully completed something on your list, be sure to draw a big fat red line through it. Be attentive enough to notice when certain items have become irrelevant or redundant and when there are new items you would like to add.