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10 Super Naughty MMS ideas!

Yes, we can write books on marriages that tanked as a result of the evils of technology. But along with it we mustn’t underestimate the contributions that the digital era has offered us. If you go about it cleverly, technology can actually boost your marriage. And if you need a bit of inspiration, bring your cellphone closer . . .

  1. Take a photo of yourself in a dressing room (completely dressed). Wait one minute. Now take a photo of yourself in just a few items of clothing. Wait another minute. Take a photo of your underwear and write: “Trying on clothes is such hard work. I wish you were here to help me with the next photo . . .”
  2. Tattoo your hubby’s name with an inkpen on one of your breasts. Take a photo and write: “You can come admire or help wash it off.”
  3. Page through a sex book on the shelves at a bookstore until you get to the section on positions. Chances are good that the two stick men will be demonstrating the different positions on each page. Take a photo of a naughty position, MMS it to your hubby and say: “Do you dare? Come on, I dare you!”
  4. Buy a very small G-string, take a photo of yourself wearing it, send it to him and write with it: “What do you think? Too much material?”
  5. Take a photo of yourself where you suggestively suck on an ice-cream – red lips, the whole do. Write with it: “I can only think of one thing that would be better than an ice-cream right now . . .”
  6. Take a photo of a piece of your body. It’s your choice what you take a photo of, but it must encourage enough creativity to act as a challenge for your husband. Send him the photo and write: “Guess. Guess. Guess. What part of my body is this? If you are right, then that spot is yours for 24 hours!”
  7. Take a photo of yourself where you are lying suggestively over your car in a wet, white T-shirt and write: “I think I win the wet T-shirt competition, what do you think?”
  8. Take a photo of the clothes he saw you wearing earlier on in the day, in a heap, on the floor. Ensure that your underwear lies on top and write: “I was lying in bed thinking about you, but then the temperature just soared and became too hot . . .”
  9. Take a completely naked photo of yourself, with just a broad piece of lint tied around your breasts. Write: “I bought you a present. Come and open it.”
  10. If you are for example a blonde, then buy a red wig, take a photo of yourself with the wig on and send him a text saying: “Here is a complete stranger with red hair  in our house and says she is looking for your body and she wants it now!”

The possibilities are endless and when you first start with naughty MMS’s, you will quickly realise that just one will quickly lead to more creative ideas. Just remember to make 100% sure that you are sending the message to the right person to prevent a very embarrassing moment. Also remind your hubby to remove all the soft porn as soon as he has enjoyed it enough . . .