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To be young again

 It's great fun to rediscover the teenager in each other again!


Remember how you used to dance at school socials? Today’s young people still “dance”. Find out where the next social is taking place in your area and purchase two tickets in a very sneaky way. Then gate crash it! Take an Abba CD with and give it to the DJ. And take over the dance floor with gusto! The young one’s can think it’s cool and may cheer you on with great enthusiasm. If your own teenage children are present, you won’t be forgiven for a while. If your grandchildren are present, you will be the coolest grandmother and grandfather ever.

French Kiss

Loan you father’s car, but tell your wife ‘play-play’ what you have done. Maybe she shares your excitement, but if the pressure of the thought that you may spend the evening in a jail cell stresses you out and has the opposite effect on your libido, rather tell her that you ‘loaned’ the car from your father. Sit in the driveway (if it is safe) and French kiss each other so that it’s hot and steamy (sex on the backseat is optional, but advised).


Purchase two movie tickets for the back row and kiss until your toes curl with pleasure. With these types of things the fun is always better if you are indeed caught. Just think: an upset usher asks you firmly to leave the theatre and you are guided outside the theatre with blood red cheeks. . . . how fun!

Eventually . . .

We all wanted to do something naughty as teenagers, but never had the guts: Swimming naked in the municipal swimming pool, to lose your virginity (in this case from scratch) in a public park, the garden shed or clothing shop’s fitting room, to inappropriately fondle in your or her bedroom while you are supposed to be doing your homework . . . dot it all now!


Remember how emotional teenagers can be, especially when it comes to love? Here is a role play idea. Put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and blame her for looking with lustful eyes at the rugby captain’s thighs, or you just use her to write down your homework. Scream and cry like only teenagers can do. Then, the turning point: You make peace just as quick as when you started fighting, with a hot make-up session on the couch. Maybe the kissing session this time will go too far . . .

Article by JB Roux