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Out with the kids... in with the time!

Your youngest has just left and suddenly you have...time! It’s time to finally travel and to explore the world with hubby. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your boots and grab the map!

1.    Discover South Africa...
... On a motorbike. Susan and Leon recently, after all the children had completed university, become very lonely over the weekends; they bought a touring bike and went on breakfast runs and short holidays in small towns.

They have never looked back. In Susan’s own words: “We are not old yet, but feel young, alive and in love again. There’s just something about having the wind in your hair and your arms around your loved one that makes you feel like the world is your oyster.”

Visit small towns like Swellendam in the Western Cape, Cullinan outside Pretoria, Parys in the Free State or Port Alfred on the east coast.

2.    Pick Tulips in Holland
Tulip season in the Netherlands and Belgium is from May to August every year. At this time the landscape is transformed into a red and yellow flower blanket.

You and hubby can go and see them for your selves, from a boat on the rivers that flow between the fields, all the way from Amsterdam to Belgium.

It will cost you about R11 000 per person (meals and accommodation excluded; flight tickets excluded).

3.    Ride a bike from Belgium to Paris
Imagine yourself to be Lance Armstrong and throw your arms in the air when riding through the L’Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The tour takes you through all the historic areas in Paris and Belgium, where you can see everything up close. You ride a bike 12 of the 15 days and sleep on a luxury boat every evening.

According to you don’t ride more than 30km a day, you also have the entire day to complete the route. It sounds like a brilliant reason to get back into shape...

4.    Discover new festivals
Shake up your feathers, get your sparkles ready and dance the night away with Brazil at the Rio Carnival.

The 4 day long carnival promises to be the event of the year, with colourful costumes, professional dancers, fire blowers etc.

If the Rio Carnival is a bit daring, you can also attend the Bastille feast in Paris, France or our own Franschhoek. Go and enjoy beer at the October fest at the German School in Pretoria or in Munich, Germany. You can also go and eat cherries in Ficksburg in November.

5.    Ski in the French Alps
At about R6000 per person (excluding flights) you and your loved one can take on the slopes of St. Johann in the Alps and learn how to ski for 2 whole weeks. Most of the lodges include ski lessons and amateurs are welcome. If you plan your time there wisely then you can even enjoy the white Christmas that Boney M sings about. (

6.    Discover new experiences
Now is the time for the 2 of you to move closer together, and to share new experiences. Talk to your hubby about places that you want to visit, more importantly, what you want to do – and be daring!

Go and skinny dip with him the river Seine in France or make out in a lift on your way to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is not for nothing the city of love...

Go and explore the Cathedrals in Europe and hideaway in dark corners for some passionate kissing etc, or lock yourself up in a log cabin in the Drakensburg Mountains for a weekend of fun between the sheets.

7.    Discover new lands...
... On a pleasure cruise. It has never been this easy to break away, especially because there are no young children to consider. Travel agencies often have specials on holidays that are short notice, and now is the time to take advantage of these opportunities.
People are of

ten more tired after a holiday than before because of ensuring that everyone is cared for and making sure they enjoy their break. Put yourself first for a change and drag hubby on a luxury cruise to an exotic island.

If the children move out of the house and go and find their own destinies, it doesn’t just symbolise the end of an era of huge responsibility but a time of discovery. It’s not too late to give in to your itchy feet. Your travels will teach you so much about yourself and your marriage and you will come home with a suitcase full of memories!