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Be the healthiest you!

Do you struggle to keep a healthy weight? Do you get sick often? Read this!

It is possible to be healthy and look great. Make sure that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs and that you eat balanced meals, and you are halfway there.

You probably need a nutritional supplement
The necessity of vitamins and supplements has been questioned after some experts stated that they are not crucial to your health and that their misuse can do more harm than good. You do, however, need them.

We lead busy lives, and most people don’t have the time to prepare and eat a perfectly balanced meal every day. They don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, but rather turn to processed foods that lack essential nutrients. The ground in which our food is grown, is also depleted of the essential minerals and nutrients we need.

It is also important to remember that during certain periods of your life, you will require supplements more than at other times – like when you are pregnant and when you enter your golden years. At those times, your food simply cannot meet all your body’s needs.

Women who want to get pregnant need to consume 400 micrograms of folic acid (above and beyond what they get in their food naturally). Pregnant women also need prenatal vitamins and iron supplements. People older than 50 need extra vitamin B12 or a multivitamin.

If you consume less than 1 600 calories a day and do not have the opportunity to eat a balanced diet, a multivitamin is a must. This is also the case when you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet with limited food types. If you experience heavy bleeding during menstruation, this will also be beneficial to you, as well as in cases where you have a medical condition influencing your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. It is important to discuss nutrient supplements with your doctor.

For many on-the-go people a nutrient supplement in the form of a shake has become a wonderful alternative. If there are simply not enough hours in the day to prepare a well-planned meal with fresh products, it is an easy, yet healthy, option.

If you use nutrient supplements, take the following into account:
1. Look at the label: Read it carefully to see which nutrients the supplement contains, how much of it and how much you need.
2. Avoid excess – choose a multivitamin that provides about 100% of the daily recommended dosage rather than one that provides, for example, 500%.
3. Keep the expiry date in mind. Dietary supplements can get old, especially in a warm and humid climate. Ensure that the products you purchase have an expiry date and that you replace it once it has reached that date.
4. Consider carefully what you eat. Vitamins and minerals are added to more and more foods. If you are also taking supplements, you might be getting more of a certain nutrient than you realise and this can increase the risk of side-effects.

To be completely healthy, however, you need to try and consume most of your nutrients by eating fresh food. You can eat smart and lose weight, or just maintain a healthy weight.

When your body isn’t healthy, complications such as irritable bowel syndrome can leave you feeling permanently uncomfortable and can inhibit or even halt any healthy weight loss programmes. Sunpharma’s Bowel Balance is an easy solution to this problem. It restores your normal routine and leaves you feeling more comfortable, so you can focus on being the healthiest you.

A journey to healthy weight loss
A year ago, Nicole decided that she owed it to herself to feel good, to be able to get up in the morning full of energy and to get through her day. At 45 it was time to lead a full life and be a loving mother and wife.

After twelve years of struggling with pains, tiredness, headaches, weight problems and light depression, Nicole had enough. Her husband’s comment that he no longer felt attracted to her only made it worse. Everything started taking its toll and Nicole realised that it was time to act. In the past, several quick-fix diets only lead to the yoyo effect – she picked up everything she lost, plus a bit more. Nicole made a decision and her journey to weight loss began.

Your brilliant body and why quick-fix diets don’t work
Your eating habits are one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome when it comes to weight loss. Every new diet that pops up advertises new reasons why we cannot lose weight and it creates hope that this diet is the answer. Forget about everything else and listen to your body. Once you have excluded any medical reasons for being overweight, the simple answer is that you eat more than your body needs and more than it can use.

Why does this happen? A limited diet plan forces you to concentrate and connect with your body and the signals on what it needs to lose weight. If there is dissociation between you and your body, its need to eat will become overwhelming. The result is that you eat more than you actually need to. If we feed our bodies in reasonable limits, however, we will automatically know when there is enough food and our metabolism picks up and burns fat.

How do you then know how much fuel your body needs? Listen to the expert – your body. Your body is created with sophisticated signals – are you hungry or are you full? If the relationship is disturbed, you need to become aware of it again and give attention to the wisdom of your body.

*In the next “Be the healthiest you”: Getting to know your hunger scale and the four types of eating habits.

Article by Annelize Steyn and Melissa Jansen van Rensburg