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Consider natural performance enhancement supplements

While men may like to believe they are in invincible in the bedroom, the reality is that many factors such as emotional and psychological stress, overweight, high blood-pressure, ageing, a decrease in testosterone, and diabetes, can inhibit arousal and performance in the bedroom.

Even one failure - regardless of the reason - can spiral into anxiety, doubts about ability and erode self-esteem. The effect of multiple failures in this department can be devastating, leading to confusion, a lack of confidence and ultimately can drive a wedge between even the most loving partners.
Arousal is a totally natural and biological action that for most men is effortlessly achieved. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s determined by a specific and complex sequence of events in the body. Anything interrupting this sequence can prevent a “normal” response and the inability to achieve a satisfying spontaneous encounter.

Many people mistakenly believe that while desire exists, the inability to achieve a satisfying physical and intimate encounter is inevitable with age. While it is a condition that is more common in men from 40 years of age, it’s not a given and the good news is, the condition is largely treatable. Sometimes the condition is transient and the problems clear up spontaneously. Lifestyle changes (1), including improvements in diet and exercise can enhance performance where the dysfunction is mild to moderate. Obviously these modifications will not help where the issue is mechanical, such as a physical injury, or more serious medical conditions. Inability to perform in the bedroom could also be an indication of heart disease (2-3). So no matter how embarrassing, if you're worried about your performance, it’s always best to discuss your concerns with your doctor to rule out any underlying condition.

Excitingly new products that preserve a man’s ability to spontaneously respond to their partner’s stimulation are constantly being developed. The most recent over the counter to launch locally is Prelox® from Lamelle Research Laboratories. An all-natural product, the patented complex formulation has demonstrated encouraging results when taking a daily dose of two capsules before breakfast. The trials have also shown that the longer the product is used the more effective it is (4-5). Evidently not a product that is taken impulsively for an immediate reaction, this supplement is a more long-term commitment. Men taking Prelox have greater confidence (6) in their ability to regain normal function.

Performance anxiety is a big issue and should be managed carefully and an inability to perform is not a fate men should have to live with. Studies show that men taking Prelox more frequently enjoy satisfying intimate encounters with their partners, which in itself, has been shown to be a protective measure against future possible problems (7).

Prelox is available from leading pharmacies.

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