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Your penis is your best friend – but how well do you really know him?

From the day a man realises that a penis is not just there for functionality,  you start to think of him as your best little friend. (Sorry: your best friend). Inseparable. A source of endless pleasure.

And also a bit of vulnerability. You protect him with your life. Cricket players wear protective ‘cups’ in the front of their pants, especially designed so that their best friend (and also their wife’s best friend) does not get injured. A rugby player in a scrum immediately holds his “jewels” with both hands so that they won’t accidently, or on purpose, be stepped on. But how much do you know about this part of your anatomy?

Early in the morning
This is now the famous morning glory that you and your school mates used to joke about how it is nature’s way of preventing you from rolling off the bed at night. All boys struggle with this; it is usually at that age when the bushes of your loins start growing. The reason: Men are most fertile early morning and your body makes sure that you are ready and fighting fit the moment you wake up. Morning sex is heavenly, but if your wife jumps out of bed early in the morning to make sandwiches and couldn’t care less about your ready-for-action erection, you have a thorny problem in your hands: How do you get rid of this stubborn erection? It sorts itself out after you went to the bathroom, but this isn’t always easy.

An uninvited guest
In your later years at school and during the first few years at work, your penis has the tendancy to pull a nasty one on you: Without any specific reason you get a huge erection, a big bulge that everyone will see– and not everyone will have the polite courtesy to look the other way. A man doesn’t always have a book or something to cover what needs to be covered. The grumpy old receptionist might frown at you (younger receptionists will sometimes take it as a compliment). These days there are underwear available that are specifically designed to keep your erection under wraps without causing any physical discomfort.

Your penis grows old with you
Studies show that a man’s penis eventually loses sensitivity, however it is difficult to say how much. Sensitivity of the penis is determined by how little (or how much) stimulation a man can feel through his penis. It is called the “sensory threshold”. At the age of 25, sensitivity already starts to decrease. The biggest decline from the age of 65 to 75 years. It’s not yet been confirmed if men are actually aware of the decline of the sensory threshold.

Why does your penis and testicles shrink when it is cold?
Your sperm cells are produced in your testicles, right? And these little swimmers need to be stored at the right temperature otherwise they die. In the case that your crown jewels get wet, the genitalia gets pulled up tightly into the body to make sure that the cells are warmed by your body’s heat. In warmer weather the whole lot drops lower to ensure that the sperm cells don’t overheat.

More of it than you thought
The most of us wil be proud to know that our penisses are twice the length than what it seems to be. The other half of the penis is “hidden” inside your pevis and attached to the pelvic bone. It’s like a tree or an iceberg: There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Boom-boom boomerang
Another strange fact: an erect penis slightly curves upwards and are often shaped like a boomerang (according to various studies). After a few phone calls to some friends, we came to the conclusion that the involved researcher might have over exagurated and probably doesn’t know what a real boomerang looks like. Should you fall under the boomerang-gang, please note that there is nothing wrong with you! Some of us curve mroe than others and penisses are like people: Variety is the spice of the life.

Article by JB Roux
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