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Detoxer: The Benefits and Scams

The shelves of pharmacies and health stores are filled with a wide range of detoxification programmes. They claim to be able to do everything from giving you more energy to preventing cancer. What is not mentioned is that the term detoxer is actually a misnomer.

That is not to say that there are no benefits to using these health supplements, it is just that the term used to describe them is not necessarily accurate.

The medical term detoxification refers to the removal of lethal toxins form the body in hospital. This procedure is generally performed in poisoning and overdose cases. Powerful medications are used to rid the system of toxins which have been artificially introduced. Your health store detoxer will not have any effect whatsoever on this kind of malady.

However, the kits do tend to have some beneficial effects on the system. Most detoxers will be high in antioxidants which are definitely beneficial in corralling and containing those cancer causing free radicals. The kits will also often be high in vitamin B complex and various other vitamins and minerals that are necessary to your body's health.

These various vitamins and minerals may not rid your system of powerful toxins, but they can help your body rid itself of the lesser toxins that we introduce on a daily basis. Your immune system requires certain vitamins and minerals to be able to work efficiently. The same goes for your internal detoxification system - your liver and kidneys. Without the vitamins and minerals in the detoxer kits found on the shelves of many health stores, your body will struggle to rid itself of the daily influx of stabilisers, preservatives and general junk food which we tend to consume.

In addition, an effective detoxification kit from your local health store will leave you feeling refreshed and energised thanks to the vitamin B complex it contains. These vitamins are vital to your energy levels and can only do you good. If the detoxification kits also contains Ginseng, so much the better as this natural compound has been reputed to be very beneficial to your energy levels.

So, while detoxification kits found in health stores are not the detoxers used by medical staff in hospitals, the contents of these kits will likely give your system a boost.

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