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22 things you need to know about your wife’s body!

Perhaps you think that you are an undercover Don Juan, or that your wife finds your charm irresistible. Maybe your lovemaking makes our positions seem like child’s play… but do you really know her body as well as you think you do? If you can put a tick next to each one of these, then we ask forgiveness for wasting your time, Mr de Marco…

Many men wonder if their wives enjoy wild, rough or tender sex. Should you pin her against the wall, or carry her to the bedroom? Women like a balanced combination! Vary your approach so that she never knows what to expect – but make sure that you are tuned in to her moods. Remember that clumsiness (an elbow in the ribs) is never a turn-on.

Women don’t see the penis as a weapon, and if it was – it would be your combat skills that she would judge. Your penis’s ‘personality’, ability and audacity are more important than its size!
The fat layer over a woman’s pubic bone is capable of giving rise to heavenly sensation. Few men know that they may be able to bring their wives to orgasm through simply applying pressure to this area with an open palm.

The neck is one of a woman’s most enjoyable erogenous zones, capable of giving rise to goose bumps on the rest of her body. Initiate sex every now and then by giving your wife a neck massage, and starting to kiss her lightly. Begin at the nape of her neck, and work your way up with kisses that become faster and harder!

Handle her breasts with care. There are women who can reach orgasm if men know how to work with these assets. Most women feel that men are usually too hasty to venture ‘down south’, while they would enjoy a little more time spent exploring ‘the mountains’!

Do you think your wife has a sexy derrière? Remember, this is also an erogenous zone that you can incorporate into your sex life. It is not as sensitive as her breasts are – but she may enjoy you giving it some attention.

The skin is capable of detecting temperature, texture, and a wide range of sensations… never forget what a powerful role the senses play in sex! Stroke your wife with a feather, the back of your hand… or with what ever you would like to feel against your own skin.

Remember her ears… kissing her here could also result in an orgasm. Make sure that she enjoys this, though, as some women do not favour heavy breathing in their ears.

There are very few places where a sweaty body, dirty hands or onion breath are welcome. Take a shower, and brush your teeth – and not only when you expect that you’re going to score! Feel free to use cologne – but don’t overdo it as she would still like to smell your natural smell. Feel free to shave if you do not want to give her razor burn in all manners of sensitive places!

The navel is a very sensitive, sensual area, so don’t be scared of allowing your fingers or tongue to linger…

Don’t underestimate the power of your big toe as a body part capable of giving sensual pleasure. If you do move your feet nearby her mouth… or any other erogenous place… it is important to make sure that your feet are clean, and that your nails are trimmed! A well-known party trick involves being able to keep a woman on the verge of orgasm using only your big toe under the table!

If you’ve ever wondered if women prefer their men hairy or smooth – rest assured that it’s a question of personal taste. Some women like hairy men as they believe they look virile, while others may think too much hair looks barbaric. And don’t eliminate your wife’s long hair from playing a part in arousal. Play with her hair – there are hundreds of nerve endings in the scalp that will make the experience an extra sensual one for her.

The G-spot is not a rumour! It is approximately a centimeter wide, and is situated against the inside front wall of the Vagina. You will have a good chance of…eh… hitting the spot if you place her legs over your shoulders while you penetrate her. Other positions that work well towards achieving this include the spoon position, or when she hugs her knees against her shoulders.

Although many men enjoy a smoothly shaven bikini area, don’t underestimate the power of pubic hair as an aphrodisiac. You could run your fingers through the hair gently, or tug at it lightly so that the entire pubic area moves to produce a pleasurable sensation.

Dancing can be erotic. You can dance in the open, or in private – with or without your clothes on. Undressing each other while you dance is an experience on its own! Don’t rush it, and dance to the rhythm until what you see and the smell of each other are irresistible. It is not necessary to stop for penetration, but for sex to work in this position, you need to be a TomKat combination (she needs to be taller than you – à la Katie Holmes!)

If you have never kissed your wife’s mouth, shoulders, neck, breasts, armpits, fingers, palms, toes, soles, belly button, genitalia or ears – then you have never really kissed her!

Pattes d’araignée means ‘spider legs’ in French, and is the most ticklish erotic massage that involves only the fingertips. Contact is as light as possible, and not on the genital area, but everywhere else. The breasts, stomach, inside of the thighs, small of the back… you need to use both hands – one for predictable rubs, and the other for surprise movements. Remember, the pressure needs to be very light – and electric rather than ticklish.

Suggest to your wife that you abstain from sex for a week… it’s going to be a challenge, but in the long run you might just say ‘thank you’! Concentrate your special time together on touching each other, massaging each other and kissing. Learn what feels good, and talk to each other about what you enjoy.

Light a few candles and throw some cushions on the floor. Sit naked with wife in front of the mirror, and describe everything that you enjoy about each other’s bodies. This is also a great way of building confidence in your body. Remember to emphasise the positive, and never to criticise your mate’s appearance. Enjoy slow, sensual sex in front of the mirror.

If you still didn’t know – the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s genitalia. It is outside of the vagina, near the top of the labia, and hidden under a ‘hood’. It can be compared to the penis when it comes to sensitivity.

Women are able to have more than one orgasm!


  Female ejaculation isn’t a myth – 10% of women experience orgasms which involve the discharge of fluids. Think of it as evidence that she’s enjoyed herself!

If you put effort into practising the above you might discover many more secrets. As long as you always take your wife’s emotions into consideration, and remember that sex is an issue of the heart for her… not much can go wrong!

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