Detox Challenge


The INTIEM team takes up the detox challenge – and loses weight and toxins!

Each year new detox products and programs pop up everywhere! And each time everyone makes the same impossible promises- you are going to have the energy of Superwoman and a body so fit that it will be too small for smallest bikini. No more, we are no longer falling for those tricks!  

But sometimes you cross paths with something that actually seems worthwhile to give it a try – like the detox program from Juice Revolution SA. Six members from our INTIEM team decided to test it out and see what happens.

How does the three day detox plan work?
This is a perfect plan if you want to follow a quick detox plan that will help you get back to a healthy lifestyle. The 17 bottles of cold pressed juices are frozen and delivered to your front door (including herbal tea from Pukka, Spirulina tablets and other supplements). Each bottle is clearly marked when you need to drink it, usually between every two to four hours. These juices consist of fresh, organic ingredients like apples, beetroot, lemons, avocados, celery, yellow peppers, ginger, spinach, blueberries and natural yogurt that is juiced with a modern hydraulic cold press juicer to ensure that you get the full benefit of each nutrient.
Why a cold-pressed juice detox?
When we eat whole fruit our bodies use a large percentage of the nutrients as fuel to process the food. But when we drink these raw vegetables and fruits more of the nutrients are used for the nutrition and renewal of our cells, tissues, glands and organs. It is thus the fastests (and most permanent) way to fill our bodies with the elements that are needed. This is one of the main reasons why you never feel hungry, your body is being fed on a cell level.  

The results?
Leanne: “I lost three kilograms after the three day detox and I feel great. I have a new appreciation for food and I will most definetely start eating healthier. More discipline and less sugar for me!”

Jacky: “As a mother of two I really struggled to lose the last few kilos. I followed the program faithfully and lost 900g. My skinny jeans fit like a glove and I can see signs of a flat stomach again!”

Elanie: “I saw the benefits on day four, when we went back to eating normal food. I didn’t overeat, was full of energy and my stomach was flat – no bloating. I am 1,8kg lighter and definetely a few centimeters less!”

Chantelle: “It was a huge adjustment for me when I started with the detox because I don’t really like beetroot and celery but I perservered. I lost a total of 2,1kg and my cravings for junk food is gone.”

Charmain: “The first day was tough, but I could feel that my thoughts were brighter and my energy levels increased slightly. I will definitely do it again in the second half of the year.”

Lily: “I feel that the whole detox experience was very good for me. I knew that my body really needed this and I was surprised  that I could live off of juices for three day. A person expects that you will not have any energy if you do not eat but I was still able to do all the things I would normally do.”

The ladies all agreed that the encouraging emails from Juice Revolution SA helped them to perservere during the three day detox plan. Headaches are of course a side effect of a good detox, but they luckily blow over quickly.

Juice Revolution SA specialises in the making of nutritious, tasty cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices. The different programs, ranging from a three day detox to a 14 day program, are all delivered to your door. The fresh juices are frozen and nicely packed and numbered for your convenience. Who says detox was never easy?   |