What about a sex marathon?

We often hear it in love songs and movies – the man with the velvety voice: “Let’s make love all night long.” Is a sex marathon in one night even possible? You bet! Go for gold like this.

Choose a new spot
By now you have probably had sex in different rooms in the house. Forget the house with its old sexual reminders and take your all-nighters somewhere else – like a hotel room or a resort. Your bodies know the bedroom and the moment you are done with the first session your bodies will say: “That’s enough now, time to sleep.” It is easier to blow new energy into your sex life if you are in a new (and also a neutral) environment.

Lubricants are important!
All that friction will definitely take a toll on your genitalia. No one can enjoy sex if it is uncomfortable or sore, so it is important that you use lubricants from the start. The lubrication the condoms provide can also help in this regard. For a bit of extra fun, use edible lubricants or switch between flavoured lubricants as to not have the same experience every time.

Refuel your body
It takes a lot of energy to play between the sheets all night and you will lose a lot of fluids in the process. The secret is not to eat a large meal before hand – you’ll get ‘Teddy bear syndrome’ – but rather to nibble on food throughout. Fruits and vegetables are a good choice, because they contain lots of water that will hydrate you and give you energy. You can also make the bites to eat part of your foreplay and even include it during sex. Make it sexy. Think: strawberry with cream, celery sticks, juicy mangos and chocolate.

Choose low energy positions
Certain positions require more energy than others and can cause you to call it quits before round three. Don’t try all your wild tricks – a long distance athlete can’t win a race if he starts at full speed. The missionary position might sound simple enough, but can cause hubby’s shoulders to beg for a break after a couple of hours. And you can’t sit and hee-haa all evening in the cowgirl position – after a while your thigh muscles won’t want to play along. Try, for example, the spider web position where you lie on your sides facing each other and intertwine your legs.

Alternate your techniques
One of the difficulties with an all-nighter is: How do you get in the mood from the start every time? It will definitely take creativity. The best weapon in your arsenal is variation, especially during foreplay, but also during sex itself. Hubby can, for example, focus on your breasts the first time and your clitoris the second. You can give him a blow job and the next time, bring him to the pinnacle using your hands. And don’t limit yourself to the same area – try other rooms or exchange the bed for the sofa.

Keep it clean
Did you know that your olfactory sense is more sensitive during arousal? This, along with a desire to be hygienic makes it important to take a quick shower after every session. It gives you the opportunity to do it in the shower – while you’re there in any way.

Withhold immediate orgasms
Just before you and hubby reach an orgasm – stop, rest for 30 seconds and begin again. Try this three time consecutively before you both climax. What will you achieve? Firstly, you will get a more intense orgasm. The more you let the desire build, the more enjoyable the experience will be. Secondly, it can obviously prolong the session. Rather than trying to complete ten short sessions (quantity), you can aim for five and give it more quality. Hubby can stop his orgasm by doing the following: if he feels the orgasm is close, pinch the penis with your thumb and forefinger where the head meets the shaft and in so doing stop the ejaculation.

Make the rest periods awesome
You can’t go all night without stopping. Take a lazy break, do stretch exercises to avoid muscle cramps or take a power nap or two – no one said you are not allowed to sleep at all. Optimize the breaks by creating expectation for the next session. How? Oopen that bottle massage oil you saved for a special occasion and treat each other to a massage. Focus on the areas that take the most strain: the shoulders, back, bum and thighs. Play games like strip poker and naked hide-and-seek. Don’t be stingy and pull out all the stops and make it unforgettable.

Are you concerned about how well you will do?
1. Remember it is not about the quantity but the quality. Fantastic sex once a week is better than mediocre sex every night.
2. Five times a night might sound a bit rough, but it is not impossible . . .
3. The regularity of all-nighters depends on you individual libidos. Women tire and hurt more easily than men. But for women five orgasms in a night is more achievable than for men.

Article written by THALIA BRÜSSOW

Sources: glamour.com, askmen.com, buzzle.com