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10 Ideas for your sexy bucket list

The entire idea is that you compose your own bucket list, but here are a couple of ideas for inspiration.

1. We want to join the Nine Provinces Club. Take your car and go for a road trip through South Africa. The purpose: To ‘do it’ in every province.
2. We want to do it like the Discovery Channel. For this you will have to find a secluded spot somewhere in the bush with only you, your spouse and Mother Nature.
3. We want to shock the campers out of their socks. To do this you have to run through the camping grounds completely naked one evening (with just your socks and smiles on)
4. We want to skinny dip on holiday. There are few things as romantic as moon light on the water and it’s truly a scandal if you have never skinny dipped.
5. We want to give each other a love bite. It is something that feels really silly after the fact but truly erotic in the moment. The challenge will be to go to work with a love bite and see how many people notice it.
6. We want to turn up the volume. The idea of screaming and yelling is like laughing out loud. At first it feels fake, but you will quickly get swept up into the moment. You might want to complete this one in the bush as well.
7. We want to join the mile high club. If you want to do this you have to do your research because it’s a tricky one but, says those that know, to have sex in an airplane bathroom (during flight) is worth it.
8. We want to see what we look like in the act. It can be very sexy for a couple to see themselves. The ideal situation is to kiss and undress each other in front of a mirror before you move on to the more frisky things.
9. We want to smooch in the rain. There are few things as romantic as kissing in the rain. If you are also wearing a white top and you get a bit cold it will definitely end in a warm shower.
10. We want to have rough sex. Yes, romantic sex is wonderful, but every now and then it is nice to rip off his shirt and feel him grab hold of your hair. . .

Be bold, be daring, your marriage matters.

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Article by Annelize Steyn