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Make sex a luxury activity!

We know it’s impossible to eat caviar and cream off your mate’s stomach every evening but, now and then, it's good to break out of your routine and celebrate your sex life in full force!

1. Buy yourselves the best bedlinen you can afford. You don't need to sleep on it every night, simply take it out on special occasions. Purchase satin sheets in a rich colour, and indulge in a cashmere winter comforter and duck-down pillows. It’s so much nicer to roll around on special bedlinen, and it provides the ideal backdrop for whole-day or whole-night sex ... because you won't want to get out of bed!

2. Buy yourselves a few slabs of luxury Belgian chocolate (Chocolatiers usually stock a wide variety). Bear in mind that if you can buy it at the all-night corner café, it probably isn't luxury chocolate. Ask hubby to bring home a carton of cream, and a tin of condensed milk, and mix all of these together. Pour the mixture into a glass bottle, and voila! your very own rich, luxury chocolate body paint (although it’s wise to keep your extra special bedlinen and this heavenly mixture far apart ...)

3. Next time you have something to celebrate, buy a bottle of expensive champagne. This isn't the kind that everyone knows and costs a dime a dozen at the local bottle store, but the expensive variety (which usually isn't as sweet). You may not find it that tasty, but you’ll definitely feel like royalty after paying that much for it! Dip the rim of your best champagne glasses in water or lemon juice, and into castor sugar after this to form a decorative circle of sweetness. Freeze fresh berries in ice blocks, add to the gleaming liquid, and there you have it — an unusually luxurious drink for ‘bed’ time ...

4. Hire that drop-top car you've always dreamt about driving, but knew you couldn’t afford. Buy yourself a satin scarf, and Jackie O sunglasses. ‘Dress the part’ and take to the road with the man in your life. Play the music that you listened to when you first met on full volume, and pretend you’re Hollywood stars for the day. Stop somewhere where you’re sure you're safe, and climb into the back seat with hubby ... we don't think you need any further instructions on what to do next ...

5. Buy that evening dress you've always wanted, but never had the courage to wear. (Hopefully, it's a teeny tiny one with lots of shine!) Dig out your prettiest pair of extra-high stilettos, get your hair professionally styled and book a night at a guest house (the most expensive you can afford). Order sherry for the room, turn the lights off, and turn the CD player on. Call hubby to give him directions, and when he walks into the room, wait for him on the bed, wearing your most seductive look. He owes you at least one dance before he can even think of taking that beautiful dress off!

6. Strawberries and cream may sound like a cliché to you, but there's a reason why they work so well as an aphrodisiac. Patrick Holford, founder and director of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London is a firm believer in these old favourites, as strawberries are rich in zinc. This mineral gives testosterone in men a boost, and assists women with speedy arousal ( Feed each other until your desires takes over!

7. Make sure that you have all the ingredients for an erotic bath.
 This includes a bottle of quality bubble bath, sexy music like Paula Coles’ Feelin’ Love, D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar or Nelly Furtado’s Maneater, and — most important — super-thick, extra-large towels and bathgowns. When you’re finished bathing, dry your husband off (and let him do the same for you). Wrap each other tightly in those luxurious towels before getting rid of them right there (only if you have heating in your bathroom!) and enjoy the feeling of each other’s steaming bodies. Later, put your gowns on and fall asleep in each other's arms.

8. If you haven't watched the movie Sex and the City yet, hire the DVD as quickly as possible because Kim Cattrall’s character, Samantha, will do wonders to inspire you. She spoiled her lover by waiting for him, naked, with her naughty bits covered in a variety of sushi. Do the same: go and buy a platter of sushi, lie on the diningroom table (make sure you have your cellphone nearby and that no one else can enter the front door) and decorate yourself with sushi! We assure you, it’ll be the best meal he’s ever had!