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Positions that flatter!

The winter with its weak sunlight and the nice warm winter treats can be ruthless with your body; all you still need is for hubby to insist on a position that emphasises your cellulite even more. So here are a few sex positions that will make you look like Heidi Klum (well... a girl can dream)!

Winning position: Viewing the stars
You sit on top of hubby while he is lying on his back. You turn and look away from him, with your knees on the bed on either of him. In this position you have the freedom to stretch your upper body and a slightly round tummy can be pushed out... He can lie flat on his back or support himself on his elbows where your slight tummy won’t interfere. If you have mirrors in your bedroom, you can both have a good view of this sexual game...

First place: Contact plastic
In this position your bodies are joined together like contact plastic. He sits on the bed and you go and sit on top of him, with your legs around him. Remember that an upright posture is very important in this position. Keep eye contact – you are of course slightly higher than him, and you have the opportunity to look at him seductively and to kiss him, with your breasts in full view – a position that he will be mad about. Just when he thinks that he can’t be spoilt anymore, lean back and rest your weight on the bed – in this way your back gets bent backwards which makes your tummy appear instantly flatter and your breasts firmer. He will lap up this fantastic view!

Second place: Butterfly
Once again you sit on top of hubby, but this time you look at him. You can bend your back backwards towards your toes and you can then tickle his toes with your hair. If he sees you (again in a mirror) it’s a feast for his eyes. This position flatters your tummy and a part of your middle is hidden by your legs. If you have enough courage, work with your body and push out your breasts, bend your legs, and bend your back backwards and stretch out your neck.

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