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Upside-down and back-to-front!

When last did you stand on your head? If you can’t remember, it may be wise to leave these three positions to the dancers, acrobats and members of the circus among us. Ok … we know you’re curious now, and more determined to try than ever!If you’re supple, adventurous and fit, what’s stopping you? The first of these may be somewhat intimidating, but that’s why we give you three winning positions to choose from.

Handstand with a difference
This position requires that you’re a bundle of energy and have quite some nerve! Start out face to face in a standing position. Jump onto him and hook your legs around his middle and your arms around his neck. Next, allow him to penetrate you. You can slowly start to let go of his neck and bend backwards until your palms find the floor – which will now be at eye-level! Your legs should still be around his waist and he should support you by holding you around your waist and buttocks. Yes, you do need to be relatively supple for this one, believes sex expert Tracy Cox, adding that it isn’t as difficult as it looks. Because the blood flows to your head, it builds pressure in the veins of your head and neck which helps produce a sensational orgasm. Added to this, it’s a good way of working on your balance and gives you a sensational stomach workout … which is a great excuse to skip gym tonight!

A slightly tamer version…
If number 1 sounds to you like too much hard work, or if you’re slightly concerned about hubby having to support your full bodyweight, try this version. It’s slightly different to the first, but just as effective. Ask your husband to kneel on a hard surface with a straight back. You should lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet in front of him. Lift your legs up so that your ankles rest on his shoulders and your weight is supported. He should pull you closer so that he can penetrate you, with his back still in an upright position, while he holds your thighs. This position produces sensational eye contact and is very pleasurable because he penetrates you in a ‘shallow’ way and all of the vagina’s nerve endings lie in this vicinity. He will be focusing on these with his own sensitive part – the tip of the penis. Hmmm … a spoil for both of you!

Jolly back-to-front!
Sit on him in the ‘woman on top’ position and allow him to penetrate you. Just when things start to get steamy, turn around slowly in a series of small movements (with him still inside you) so that you face his feet eventually. Use your hands to support yourself. Move your one leg over his body and turn sideways. Keep on turning around slowly, with small breaks in between, until you’re looking away from him. It will feel sensational for him, and will produce a rotating view of your body! Because his erect penis faces frontwards, instead of upwards, it will arouse him even further. You can also vary your movements – slowly and then suddenly faster – and change the depth of penetration. An absolute winner!
Source: Pocket Supersex by Tracey Cox